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Ethical Fashion Show Paris to focus on innovation

Updated: 2012-8-31 Source: The Ethical Fashion Show Paris
The Ethical Fashion Show Paris is all set for the September show at the Carrousel du Louvre with close to 50 companies attending from 15 countries. The opening reception will be held on Thursday, 6 September 2012.
A pioneer and ever a trailblazer in the sector, the show has chosen to focus on original projects with half the exhibitors coming from Europe and half from South America, Asia and Africa.
A total of 25 European firms with ready-to-wear and accessories including brands such as The IOU Project from Spain, Peroto from Bulgaria and the German label, Afl¨¦ Bijoux.
There has been a large response from French firms as well: Deux Filles en Fil, Ethos, Ï.de.m, L¡¯Herbe Rouge and Sobosibio will be attending!
Latin America will be well represented with twelve firms from Peru, Costa Rica and Bolivia: Gleny Castro, Manuela Ramos, Qaytu, Velavera.
Africa will be in attendance with ten firms, some of which have exhibited before, such as Doreen Mashika of Tanzania and François Ier from Burkina Faso. Also, new designers: Sammy Ethiopia, Afrodesiac Worldwide Collection and Della are promising firms from Ghana. Oumou Sy, one of the major talents in West African fashion is also just waiting to be discovered at this season¡¯s show.
Asia will be represented by the Indian brand, Ankyra by Prianka Kakkar. The Berlin Upcycling Fashion Store, listed as one of the hip boutiques to visit during the Berlin Fashion Week, will have a pop-up store at the show with German and Austrian designers like Aluc, Kamaeleon, Milch, Reclothings, les bijoux OldGold and Tag.Werk - the brand for bags made of recycled leather.
Ethical fashion designers are focussing all their energy on technology and skills with innovative products, combining techniques and aesthetics. We will be presenting two designers, who are making a name for themselves with their inventiveness:
Tanya Heath - With her Tanya Heath Paris label, she has designed the first multi-height shoe with interchangeable heels. With one click, your shoe will be transformed from a splendid, highheeled pump to a comfortable shoe with low heels. The source of this innovation: Tanya Heath, a former Canadian diplomat based in France since 1998, has been working on the design and on perfecting the concept of a shoe fitted with a device that allows the style and height of the heel to be changed at will in just a few seconds, simply by pushing a button.
Dahea Sun - Trained in textile design at Central Saint Martins College of Arts & Design in London, choosing Textile Futures as her option, the South Korean designer Dahea Sun dazzles us with her techno-futurist designs. 
The Palette Rain collection illustrates her concept well! Mainly consisting of dresses, for wearing when the weather is fine and especially when it¡¯s raining, since they change colour depending on the pH of the rain and moisture in the air! She uses only natural dyes for her dresses!

As part of its campaign for sustainable development, the UIT (French textiles union) and its network have decided to contribute their expertise to the Ethical Fashion Show, by becoming a partner for a series of lectures to be held over the course of Friday, 7 September.
Three round table sessions will thus allow us to compare the visions of experts, businesses and representatives from civil society on the key issues in the textiles and clothing sector, which is very fragmented and globalised, such as:
- REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals), which guarantees safe use of chemical substances and preparations throughout the entire industrial production chain for textile producers
- Water consumption and environmental restrictions relating to processing discharges of chemical substances
- International social standards: their contents, ensuring adherence and ways of implementing them so that standards are improved
Three round table sessions intend to provide clarifications for professionals of the regulations, standards and global challenges, which are vital for a more responsible attitude towards fashion. On each occasion, first-hand accounts by a specialist will be compared to a manufacturer¡¯s practical experiences.
Also noteworthy is the lecture, open to the general public, on textiles recycling, in conjunction with ECO TLC, ¡°Fibre sorting: when our used textiles become new resources¡±, scheduled for the afternoon of Sunday, 9 September.