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Nano-textiles have no limits

Updated: 2010-1-11 Source: hurriyetdailynews

Socks that prevent odor, pants that do not hold dirt, t-shirts that can change mobile phones; it is not just science-fiction anymore but a part of today's reality thanks to ever-developing nanotechnology. Turkey's Yesim Tekstil has become a leader in research and development focusing on creating smart clothing.




PRODUCTS: Yeşim Tekstil has been pursuing extensive research and development on 'nano-textiles.' The firm can prevent the smell of sweat with its clothes, along with others that provide vitamin E.

PRODUCTS: Yesim Tekstil has been pursuing extensive research and development on 'nano-textiles.' The firm can prevent the smell of sweat with its clothes, along with others that provide vitamin E.





A Turkish firm producing smart clothing via nanotechnology is likely to revolutionize clothing in the future through the creation of garments like anti-odor socks and dirt and moisture-resistant pants. 

The world's textile industry is entering a new phase with nano-textiles. Textile products made with nanotechnology are expected to leave their mark, particularly within the next 10 to 15 years.

The technology enables the production of clothes previously unimagined; socks that prevent odor, pants that are resistant to water and dirt, clothes that change color and t-shirts that charge mobile phones are all possibilities with nano-textile production.

Many countries, including EU members, the United States, China, India, Japan and South Korea, have conducted detailed research on smart textile production and are implementing significant projects to train nano-textile experts.

Yesim Tekstil, a textile firm based in the northwestern city of Bursa that produces giant brands, has been pursuing extensive research and development, or R&D, on smart clothing production in recent times.

The firm has produced articles of clothing that successfully prevent the smell of sweat, as well as garments that provide vitamin E.

Forecast for the upcoming years

The firm's smart clothes are clear indicators of the future of textiles. These clothes, along with others that will be made with nanotechnology, will significantly ease life in the future.

Textile production and R&D studies have been developed with a focus on humans and the environment, said Senol Sankaya, chief executive officer of Yesim Tekstil. The industry has concentrated on manufacturing products that reduce water and energy use.

Sankaya said the products that do not retain dirt and water will be increasingly used in the future. "The smart clothes we recently made do not get stained. Another essential product of ours that is 100 percent natural rapidly removes moisture from the body. A 300-gram towel neutralizes eight liters of unpleasant odors. A t-shirt can neutralize four liters of unpleasant odors. Towels and t-shirts regain this feature each time they are washed.

There are also sun-friendly black clothes. "These clothes display the features of light colored clothes under sun light. Sun-projecting black smart cloth keeps the body warm and protects it from harmful UV rays,"  he said.

Another garment that is expected to become a feature of life keeps patterns hidden, Sankaya said. "In case of contact with water and moisture, its patterns appear. In addition, there will be clothes that are easy-to-iron, with vitamin E, protecting people from hay fever and mosquitoes and regulating heat. As Yesim Tekstil, we continue our studies constantly. More new products made with nanotechnology will emerge."