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China-Japan white list management system going on the right track

Updated: 2012-7-30 Source: CTEI

    Recently, the enterprises which had joined Japanese textile standard of self-regulation standards( that is white list management system ) had been officially announced. Including Qingdao GuiHua knitting limited company, there are 32 companies accessed to white list qualification. So far, a total of 56 home textile enterprises in China obtained the white-list qualification. Including China Textile Industry Association Testing Center ( Beijing),there are 16 laboratories obtained testing qualification.
    Japan major importers also have joined the white list management system. Including Ito Yang huatang, Itochu, Teijin, pill red, Oriental textiles, Mitsui, Sumitomo, Sumikin Bussan and others.
    Japan officially announced textiles do not use the specific azo dyes self-regulatory standards on March 29, Japan Labor and Welfare Ministry has also officially launched the legislative process. The Japanese textile industry self-regulation standards has been raised for the law to enforce. China Textile Industry Association and the Japanese side in order to help Chinese textile export enterprises to better respond to repeated consultations, and finally reach a consensus, through the cooperation of both sides, white list management system, the implementation of the the white list qualification for the Japanese market.