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Two types of printing machine import duties down 2% this year

Updated: 2012-3-2 Source: CTEI

The Ministry of Finance recently released the 2012 China¡¯s import tariff adjustment notice. The textile field, compared with 2011, import tariffs, textile rotary screen, flat screen printing machine from 8% in 2011 fell to 6% in 2012, the rest of the categories of textile machinery and equipment accessories to maintain 2011 years of tax rates.

The import tariff reduction is undoubtedly a good measure for the imported equipment of the textile enterprises. It is understood that an imported rotary screen printing machine price in about 4 million to 5 million, imported flat screen printing machine will be more expensive. On this basis, after lowered import tariffs this year, enterprises imported a printing machine equipment, tariff savings is 100,000 Yuan, to a certain extent, this new policy will plan a promoting role to the textile enterprises to introduce advanced equipment and industrial structure upgrading and adjustment.

Standard quality director of the China Textile Machinery Association, printing and dyeing equipment expert Li Yi told us, foreign rotary screen and flat screen printing machine is high-grade level, while most of the similar domestic products are in the mid-level, therefore, reduce import tariffs will not be much market impact on the domestic printing machine enterprises. Lowered the import tax rates of the two types of printing machines, regarded as the relevant government departments releasing the signal of relaxation of high-grade textile imports threshold, and domestic printing machine manufacturers, in the future, need more development to high level products, and enhanced accumulation in the brand building, technology, business philosophy, etc.