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Mango reduces its prices by 20%

Updated: 2012-3-7 Source: CTEI

Mango has announced a 20% price reduction this season to adapt to the new global economic situation, in an effort to offer good-quality products at lowers prices to its customers.

The fashion chain has decided to include the price factor as a positive and differential element in its advertising campaign, which this season features the iconic fashion model Kate Moss. The brand has launched an extensive campaign on television, which is being broadcast in 38 countries, on CLP circuits in major cities worldwide and in the top fashion magazines.

Being Spainí»s most international fashion brand, Mango is continuing to present its collections at the international fashion shows it holds every season in Barcelona, Istanbul, Moscow and Shanghai.

The firm, which began its international expansion in 1992 with the opening of two franchises in Portugal, now has 2,415 stores in 107 countries and is Spain's second biggest exporter of womení»s fashion.

The firm closed the 2010 financial year with a turnover of 1.27 billion euros for the Mango MNG Holding S.L. Consolidated Group and subsidiary companies. Sales for the Mango chain were 1.59 billion euros. Given the major international presence of the brand, 81% of turnover corresponds to foreign markets, and the remaining 19% to the domestic market.