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    Basic Information
  Expo Name: 13th Textech Bangladesh 2012 International Expo
  Expo Date: June 3 - 6, 2012
  Country /Place: Dhaka,Bangladesh
  Organizers: Conference & Exhibition Management Services Ltd.
  Support Co-organizer:

  Expo Brief: Textech is the biggest & oldest Textile Garment Technology & Machinery Expo of Bangladesh
Bangladesh exported US$12.496bn worth of apparel worldwide in the 12-month period from July 2009 to June 2010. It accounted for 77% of the countrys total exports of US$16.204bn during the year.
Asia accounts for more than 70% of the global production of Textiles with South Asian countries emerging as textile powerhouses.
Bangladesh is investing over US$ 2 billion to upgrade their Textile & Garment sector
Bangladesh Apparel exports have reached the US$ 12 Billion mark with Knitwear alone accounting for US$ 5.5 Billion in exports
Bangladesh is the 3rd largest exporter of Knitwear to the EU in the world
Shaping up for the Textile & Apparel exports race are the South Asian Countries : India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & Pakistan
Major investments in the textile & garment sector are happening in Bangladesh
The Textile and Garment Industry in Bangladesh Increased by 18.2% to Reach US$9.6bn
Bangladesh has ranked 4th in the global apparel exports and grabbed 3 percent market share, according to a recent World Trade Organisation (WTO) report by exporting apparel items worth more than $10 billion.
Bangladesh was the largest exporter of cotton T-shirts and was 2nd for cotton pullover and jeans exports to European countries in 2009. In terms of volume, the country was the 2nd largest exporter of cotton trousers to the US last year
Bangladesh exported ready-made garments worth US$34.043 million during the July-December period of 2009-10

  Scope of Exhibits textile fiber fabric sewing machines weaving machines dyeing machines

    Contact Information  
  LinkMan: Mr.
  Company: Conference & Exhibition Management Services Ltd.
  Country/Region: United States
  Address: The Seagram Building, 375 Park Avenue, Suite 2607, New York, NY 10152,USA
  Postal Code:
  Tel: + 1 212 6344833
  E-mail: contact@cems-textech.com
  Website: www.cems-global.com
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