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    Basic Information
  Expo Name: 9th India International Textile Machinery Exhibition
  Expo Date: December 2 - 7, 2012
  Country /Place: Mumbai, India
  Organizers: the India International Textile Machinery Exhibitions Society
  Support Co-organizer:

  Expo Brief: The 9th edition of INDIA ITME, the largest textile machinery and accessories exhibition in India is to be held from 2nd - 7th Dec 2012 at Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, India. Spread over 55,000 sq. mtrs, with expected participation of about 750 exhibitors and 1,00,000 business visitors from over 35 countries, INDIA ITME 2012 is the focal event of the textile engineering industry both in India and internationally.

Indian textile industry is expecting a 16% growth per annum, 35 million employment and a projected growth of US $ 115 billion by the year 2012 and corresponding demand in machinery and accessories apart from new demand from rural market.

Additionally increased exports to the tune of 50 billion USD, indicates clearly a tremendous need for increased and improved production. Estimated 11-13% growth in non woven sector highlights the need for new technology, machinery and accessories in India.

In terms of investment, the Indian textile industry requires investments of a whopping ` Half Billion USD over next 10 years to meet its demand. This all indicates a tremendous opportunity for textile machinery and accessory in India, unmatched elsewhere in the world.
INDIA ITME 2012 is one such platform where opportunity, inspiration and challenges are all in play for textile and textile engineering industry.

INDIA ITME 2012 is a much awaited and spectacular event showcasing hi-tech machinery, innovative technology and accessories and services related to textile engineering sector is the gateway event to this vast opportunity. It is a once in 4 year opportunity and not to be missed by any businessmen related to textile and textile engineering industry.

It is my pleasure to invite you to participate in this mega event held in Mumbai from 2nd - 7th December, 2012.

Look forward to welcoming you at INDIA ITME 2012.

  Scope of Exhibits Machinery for Spinning Preparation, Man-Made Fibre Production, Spinning, Winding, Texturing, Twisting, Auxiliary Machinery and Accessories
Machinery for Web Formation, Bonding and Finishing of Nonwovens and Felting, Machinery related to Technical Textiles and Accessories
Weaving Preparatory Machinery, Weaving, Tufting Machinery, Auxiliary Machinery and Accessories
Knitting and Hosiery Machinery, Auxiliary Machinery and Accessories
Embroidery and Braiding Machinery and Accessories
Washing, Bleaching, Dyeing, Printing, Drying, Finishing and Make-up Machinery, Auxiliary Machinery and Accessories
Garment Making Machinery, Other Textile Processing Machinery, Auxiliary Machinery and Accessories
Machinery and Accessories for the Making-up Industry
Testing and Measuring Equipment
Transport, Handling, Storing and Packing Equipment
Equipment for Recycling, Waste Reduction and Pollution Prevention & Accessories
Software for Design, Data Monitoring and Processing (CAD/ CAM/ CIM) and Integrated Production
Dyestuffs and Chemical Products for the Textile Industry (Only Information stall)
Associated Goods and Services for the Textile Industry
Technical Information Services & Educational & Research Institutes

    Contact Information  
  LinkMan: Mr.Hong
  Country/Region: China (Mainland)
  Address: Room 1101 Communication Building No. 27-1 Baiyun RD, Guangzhou, China
  Postal Code: 510100
  Tel: +86 20 2217 2588
  Fax: +86 20 2237 2626
  E-mail: xiujiang@chinpro.org
  Website: www.chinpro.org
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