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    Basic Information
  Expo Name: 10th Textile Asia Intl Textile & Garment Machinery Show
  Expo Date: March 8 - 10, 2013
  Country /Place: Karachi, Pakistan
  Organizers: Ministry of Textile Industry
Jamals Yellow Pages of Pakistan
Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan (pvt) Ltd.
  Support Co-organizer:

  Expo Brief: The International Textile Asia Exhibition, one of the most promising and enduring Event to be held for the 10th successive year at the Karachi Expo Centre from 8-10 March 2013 is the official event of the Federal Ministry of Textile Industry. The event is being organized at the most opportune time when the government is looking forward to modernize and upgrade the textile sector of the country for better quality products and enhanced productivity. The exhibition aims to focus on the immense buying selling potential of textile & garment machinery, accessories, raw material supplies, chemicals and allied services under one roof.
Cotton is the cash crop of Pakistan. The quality of cotton and cotton related products of Pakistan are unmatched in the international markets. The ever-growing textile industry of the country has shown consistent expansion and stability over the last many years.

The exports of textile and textile products of Pakistan have shown a significant increase in the recent years. The government has offered various incentives for the industry¡¯s up gradation and modernization.

Pakistan is at the center of a rapidly developing textile & garments manufacturing region. Apart from fulfilling its local requirements, Pakistan has emerged as the textile hub of the region. There exists a strong political will to modernize the textile sector and there is an increasing demand for compliance with ISO and other international quality certifications and standards.

As the textile industry of Pakistan being is in the midst of industrial up gradation and the businessmen are seeking newer solutions to bring more efficiency in their production systems. Therefore, the pioneer of grasping this opportunity will be the most successful business organization in Pakistan as none of the local industry can cater this tall order. National organizations will enjoy the benefit of globalization and will witness more joint ventures and collaborations between local and international brands.

  Scope of Exhibits Ginning Machinery,
Cotton Carding Machinery, Cotton
Combing Machinery
Computerized Embroidery Machines
Garment Machinery
Soft Knitting Machines
Stitching Units
Drawing or Rowing Machinery
Machinery for preparing Textile Fibres
Textile Spinning Machines
Textile Doubling or Twisting Machines
Cone Winding Machine
Weft Winding Machine
Textile Winding Throwing & Realing Machine
Spinning Ring
Card Clothing
Circular Knitting Machine
Flat Knitting Machine
Hand Knitting Machine
Machine for Making Gimped Yarn
Machines for Preparing Textile Yarn
Part & Accessories of Weaving Machine
Bleaching Machine
Dyeing Machine
Dressing & Finishing Machine

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  Country/Region: China (Mainland)
  Address: Room 1101 Communication Building No. 27-1 Baiyun RD, Guangzhou, China
  Postal Code: 510100
  Tel: +020-22172588
  E-mail: info@chinpro.org
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