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China apparel industry will acelerate the development of independent brands

Updated: 2011-11-24 Source:

On 11th November, the third Congress of China National Textile&Apparel council(short as CNTAC) came to a successful close. The leader of "combined fleet" of China's textile industry, President of CNTAC, Mr. Wang Tiankai said when answering a reporter's question, in this key historical periods, the new Legislative Council will strive to create a favorable environment to promote China's textile and apparel industry.

Build brand association,combined fleet set off again

Around brands, technology, human resources, sustainable development,the four strategic objectives, specific work follows environment changes, this is the thinking of Mr. Wang about the future work.

Textile and Apparel Magazine: China National Textile&Apparel council changed its name to China National Union of Textile&Apparel industry, whether will Association's functions what be changed? Name change has any special meaning?

Mr.Wang: whether called council or Union, all are based on service industries for the purpose of institution, which has not changed. Changed its name to Union, meaning China's textile&apparel industry stressed on a combined fleet and Union means us act a coordinating role--it is very important, there are 12 industrial associations and 19 professional associations under management of China National Union of Textile&Apparel industry, industrial and professional associations are hosting relationship between textile industrial chain on all industries in a section, there is no union and joint, nothing can be achieved.

If all professional association does not concentrated to key problems of industry, correctness and validity of CNTAC will be large effected, some problem has effect to all industry, such as cotton price also effect has raw materials chemical fiber industry. cotton is a important raw materials of knitting industry and Terminal home spinning, and clothing, and equipment industry eventually. To solve such problems, "a combined fleet" concept should be strengthened.

The textile and apparel weekly: in the new period of 5 years, What will CNTAC do to promote the whole industry.

Wang Tiankai: from the works in future, we plan to create a conducive environment for independent innovation, accelerate structural adjustment of industry.CNTAC have made ití»s clear goal to building china from a big textile country to a powerful textile country. The development of science and technology, brand is the most important elements in our works. it is necessary to strengthen self-construction, emphasizing the collaborative and efficient service functions for CNTAC to achieve the target.

The textile and Apparel Magazine: you mentioned CNTAC will build a brand association, what is function of brand association?

Wang Tiankai: National State-Owned Assets Supervision Commission proposed building "brand association" in order to achieve the standardization, marketing operation in brand management in china textile&apparel industry.