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Clothing Accessories Market supply
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  Lonati spare parts saw cutter D4080171[2010-1-28 10:49:51]
[Abstract]This saw blade is used on Lonati sock machine OEM Part.No:D4080171 Specificati......
Ningbo Liancheng Machinery Co.Ltd
China (Mainland)
  selling printing machines[2009-12-29 14:50:30]
[Abstract]In the past it was operated by hand, but now it is by a carriage moving along th......
Gali International S.A.
  selling warp tying machine[2009-12-29 9:36:21]
[Abstract]- Universal tying fo......
Titan Textile Machines S.L.
  selling raising machine[2009-12-29 9:21:22]
[Abstract]The DA (Double Action) version is a classic machine in p......
Torres Maquinaria Textil, S.A.
  selling super-soft short velour[2009-12-25 10:47:59]
[Abstract]super-soft short velour......
Haining Chuangxing Warp Knitting Co., Ltd.
China (Mainland)
  selling sofa cloths[2009-12-24 17:06:32]
[Abstract]sofa cloths......
Jiaxing Xiuhong Fabrics Co., Ltd.
China (Mainland)
  selling spun yarn[2009-12-24 10:20:40]
[Abstract]spun yarn......
Jiaxing Honghe Wool Textile City Co.,Ltd.
China (Mainland)
  selling knitting machine[2009-12-24 9:19:20]
[Abstract]The key to cultivating sustainable and competitive advantage i......
United Texmac Pte Ltd
  selling supended flyer[2009-12-23 16:29:32]
[Abstract]Minimize the roving hairiness and yarn faults. The roving twines on the presser ......
Wuxi Zhongshi Machinery Co., Ltd
China (Mainland)
  selling washing machine[2009-12-23 9:34:28]
[Abstract]The constructive shape and technical features of COSMOTEX front loading machines......
Cosmotex S.A.
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