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  selling single head embroidery machine [2011-7-26 14:33:51]
[Abstract]selling single head embroidery machine......
Etenity Century Embroidery Machinery Co.,Ltd
  selling washer extractor [2009-12-22 14:50:02]
[Abstract]SMARTEX is to be proud of presenting the new LN series high speed Washer Extract......
Smarteks Makine ve Yedek Parca San.Tic.Ltd.Sti.
  selling static electricity neutralizer [2009-12-22 16:58:15]
[Abstract]selling static electricity neutralizer......
Ges Endustriyel Elektronik
  selling knitting machine [2009-12-24 9:19:20]
[Abstract]The key to cultivating sustainable and competitive advantage i......
United Texmac Pte Ltd
  Lonati spare parts saw cutter D4080171 [2010-1-28 10:49:51]
[Abstract]This saw blade is used on Lonati sock machine OEM Part.No:D4080171 Specificati......
Ningbo Liancheng Machinery Co.Ltd
China (Mainland)
  Santoni spare parts yarn cutter M081340 [2010-2-1 10:21:32]
[Abstract]We here have saw cutters from 11 inch to 18 inch that used on Santoni underwear ......
Ningbo Liancheng Machinery Co.Ltd
China (Mainland)
  machinery parts [2010-5-17 11:45:08]
[Abstract]Raschel parts, knitting machinery parts, components, subassembly, guide L-28-66-......
Tantex Corp - Knitting Machine Parts
China (Mainland)
  selling ALbasic heald frame [2009-12-8 10:38:10]
[Abstract]selling ALbasic heald frame......
Grob Horgen Ag
China (Mainland)
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