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Textile Screen Printing Paste

  • 2013-01-23
  • Bangladesh

Brothers International

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  • Brothers International

Detailed Description

"New Development, Great Advantage!" "Solvent Ink PRINTABLE Fabrics/Textile."
Most of the artists/printers might not be satisfied with the available media they could use. Such as the output by Solvent Ink Jet media plotter for printing, there is no other material but PVC Flex.
"Now you got another choice!!" Our company has developed a serious of fabrics/textile, which have brilliant performance for Solvent Ink Jet Printing Machines. These new products give you another options, your creative ideas won't be limited by only PVC media anymore. Characters: (1) Environment Friendly (2) Anti aging (3) Easy to operate (4) Well weather resist (5) Various Options of Textile, from Silk-like Fabrics to Heavy Canvas,
Also with our solvent products, AP-5759, AP-5159-S, AP-5609-H, AP-5909-H, AN-5409, AS-108-S, AP-202, except to apply to print on Solvent Ink Machine, they are also more suitable for printing on Eco-Solvent Ink plotter. Because of the excellent feather, they provide with the environmental character.

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