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Heavy Duty Twin Needle Machines

  • 2014-02-13
  • United Kingdom


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Detailed Description

The GC20618-2 is the twin needle version of Highlead's heavy duty compound feed walking foot lockstitch industrial sewing machine.

It is designed using large vertical axis rotating hook & bases for thread loop catching and sliding bars for thread up taking.

The machine is smooth running, durable, versatile and its robust construction includes: needle roller bearings for the arm & hook shaft etc., cog driven belt assemblies and more importantly an auto oil lubrication system is fitted, which reduces wear & tear considerably.

It features a heavy duty triple feeding action by way of: bottom feed, needle feed and walking foot top feed and is fitted with two large vertically mounted hook & bases for use with medium to heavy weight materials.

A safety clutch is fitted to help prevent damage to the hooks, bevel gears and other important parts, should the sewing machine become jammed or over-loaded.

The Highlead GC20618-2 is a twin needle, needle feed, walking foot industrial sewing machine for use on medium to heavy weight materials and is suited to sewing for example:

Inflatable products, bouncy castles, car seats, general upholstery and leather articles, belts, canvas, tents, awnings, lorry curtain sidings, handbags, outdoor wear, camping goods etc.

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