Web declaration

Welcome to visit www.texglobe.com. In order to standardize our web management and protect our web and related copyright ownerĄŻ rights according to law, we make the following declaration. The items we declared apply to all individual or institutions that visit and use our web.
1 Our web is a commercial website on textile industry. Anyone or institutions visited and used our web must comply relevant law and regulations, and we do not permit to exploit our web to disseminate and engage illegal activity.
2 All content in our web is to serve people, however, we do not ensure all the information, text, picture, links and other items are absolutely exact and complete. Our content is only to be used and consulted, and we do not take commerce and law responsibility for the relevant results.
3 All the website, content and copyright linked with our web must be taken responsibility by providers and owners, and we do not take any direct or indirect commerce and law responsibility for their content, form and character.
4 Original authors and medium own the copyright of the article, data and relevant picture reshipped by us. And any institution and individual forbid taking this as commercial use without copyrightĄŻs agreement.



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