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Sewing God single system computer machine

  • 2016-03-08
  • Taiwan


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Detailed Description

Sewing God machinery limited company is a professional R & D, production of Taiwan-funded enterprises mainly of sewing machine. By the current chairman Mr. Li Muji founding in 1964 in Tainan city in Taiwan province. Because at that time Taiwan economy at the initial, sewing machine, all by the United States imported from Japan, Mr. Li Muji started research and development of China made the first sewing machine, at that time, Taiwan has become the first brand. In 1990 China open to the outside world, Mr. Li Muji decided to introduce advanced production equipment, manufacturing processes and technology, in Dongguan, Dalang investment in the establishment of the company. With 40 years of accumulated experience, continuous technological innovation. Has perfect modern management system and complete products series. The R & D, production of the" seam of God"," star people"," sewing God Royal"," sewing God good helper" brand series of knitting machinery is famous in Asia, its sales, service outlets throughout the mainland market, the products are exported to overseas. Especially in recent years the company to increase R & D efforts, establish the elite R & D, service team. Constantly according to the market demand for the introduction of new products, for the public to provide meticulous integration solutions, to meet customer demand for one-stop procurement. In the peer has been the pursuit of technological leadership, the customer has been the pursuit of win-win cooperation. You are welcome to visit guidance. The company with 40 years of technology, experience, the spirit of continuous innovation and quality requirements of the spirit, product design, appearance. The use of advanced technology, reliable quality. In the same industry is considered to be the most advanced field", is" one branch alone beautiful", produced by the" seam of God "," God raphe Royal "," star people"," sewing God good helper "brand sewing machine, twister, buried folder machine, computer knitting machine known in asia.

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