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  • 2012-09-26
  • Turkey


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Detailed Description

It enables liquid chemical substances to be sent to use points automatically over a multiple-line. RD96, developed through using robotic technology, is composed of three pieces:

RD96 MU : Measuring unit
RD96 DU : Dispensing unit
RD96 CU : Control unit

It provides high speed for chemical transfer while transferring liquid chemicals with water and air blowing system and, thus provides high security. Making dispense to two points simultaneously (with 2 DU) provides high speed for chemical transfer. The places where it is used:

All kinds of fabric dye machine (Jet, Airjet, Overflow, Jigger)
All kinds of yarn/fiber dye machine
Washing machines
Padding machines
Continuous dye machines (Pad-Batch, Pad-Steam, etc.)

Advantages of the system:

It provides economical gaining from laborship.
It provides economical gaining of 15-20% from chemical substance use.
It prevents failures and provides standard manufacture.
Facilitates cost control.


With 22 or 33 inputs
With service output to 16 or 32 points
With volumetric and mass flow meter option

It performs all transactions by reading information from the sensors safely with its high technology software and PLC. Command console (RD96 CU) is easy to use in touch screen. It can be integrated with all kinds of monitoring software. With its developed FIP technology pump, it can transfer even the chemicals with high viscosity easily. Water filling system developed and programmable for chemical and dye padding machines facilitates padding machine operations

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