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Sewing MachineryExisting related companies 34
  Europ Tex Ith. & Ihr. Ltd. St.
[Abstract] Catalogue exclusivement réservé aux entrepris...
  Multi-link Apparel (Jiangyin) Corp.
[Abstract] As a sino-foreign joint venture specialized in fabric a...
  China (Mainland)
  Shandong Lanjun Group
[Abstract] Shandong Lanjun Group is located in Gaoxing county, one...
  China (Mainland)
  Hangzhou Binglan Trade Co., Ltd.
[Abstract] Hangzhou Binglan Trade Co., Ltd. is located in Linping ...
  China (Mainland)
  Nantong Busheng (Private and Single-funded)
[Abstract] Nantong Busheng Knitting Co,Ltd & Zisheng Garment C...
  China (Mainland)
  Shanghai Lvmei Hosiery Co .Ltd.
[Abstract] We are a specialized knit fabrics designer, developer a...
  China (Mainland)
  Shandong Tianhe Textile Garments Co.,Ltd.
[Abstract] Located in Jiaodong peninsula, Haiyang is well known as...
  China (Mainland)
  Haining Hengsheng Warp Knitting Co.,Ltd.
[Abstract] Established in 2002, Haining Hengsheng Warp Knitting Co...
  China (Mainland)
  Haining Warp Knitting (Private Partnership)
[Abstract] Located in Haining Warp Knitting industrial park in Maq...
  China (Mainland)
  Zhangjiagang Mingxing Textile Co.,Ltd
[Abstract] Zhangjiagang Mingxing Textile Co.,Ltd is located at Mia...
  China (Mainland)
  Tongxiang Yuxi Knitting Co., Ltd.
[Abstract] Tongxiang Yuxi Knitting Co., Ltd. is located in Shimen ...
  China (Mainland)
  Zhejiang Juepaier Fashion Co., Ltd.
[Abstract] As one of leading sweater manufacturers in Tongxiang ci...
  China (Mainland)
  Zhucheng Eternal Knitting Co.,Ltd.
[Abstract] Established in October of 2000, it owns a total investm...
  China (Mainland)
  Aingdao Zhuhua Fashion Co., Ltd.
[Abstract] Our company was founded in 1995, In the 4th ChengxiRoad...
  China (Mainland)
  Shandong Huaxin Knitwear Co.,Ltd.
[Abstract] Shandong Huaxin Knitwear Co.,Ltd. is located at the Xi...
  China (Mainland)
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